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Hung Gar

Hard as Iron - Soft as Thread

    Hung Gar Kung Fu is a southern Chinese martial arts system that originated in the Fukien Shaolin Temple in Southern China.  The founder, Hung Hei Gune, was a student of the Shaolin abbott, Gee Shimn Sien See, a master of the Fu Jow (Tiger Claw) system.  By combining the Tiger Claw technique with his wife's Crane technique, Hung Hei Gune created the "Tiger Crane System".  In actuality, Hung Ga incorporated all of the Shaolin's Five Animals (Tiger, Crane, Leopard, Snake and Dragon) as well as abstract concepts of the Chinese cosmology's Five Elements (Metal, Wood, Fire, Earth, and Water) Theory which can both give rise to, and destroy each other.

     Hung Gar stylists are know for their low, wide stances, and powerful forearm development, which,  when combined with the unusual duration of their training sets, produces prodigious strength and stamina.   Although the Hung Gar stylist is less mobile than other Kung Fu styles, due to the lower, more stable stances, the power generated from torquing the hips produces a punishing impact on the opponent.  A Hung Ga practitioner need only strike his opponent once, for whatever he touches, he destroys.  

The seven main Hung Gar forms, in addition to the weapons forms, are:

Lao Gar Kuen (Lao family fist)

Wu Dip Jeung (butterfly palm set)

Gung Gee Fook Fu (subduing the tiger in "I" pattern form)

Fu Hok Cern Ying Kuen (tiger and crane double form)

Ng Ying Kuen (five animal fist)

Tiet Sien Kuen (iron wire set)

Sup Ying Kuen (ten shape fist)


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